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Dan Barnett band to play on The Jo Soares show which is televised nationally in Brazil we appear 18/11/08.

Dan Barnett


“Dan Barnett Big Band to tour Brazil”

November 2008

Following in the footsteps of some of Australia’s best known performers, the Dan Barnett Big Band is heading off to Brazil in November for a national tour. With a line-up that boasts some of greatest exponents of big band music this country has ever produced, the band will be doing what is believed to be a first for an Australian big band - touring the South American music mecca. After three previous successful tours of Brazil with small groups promoters jumped at the chance to tour Dan’s larger ensemble.

A regular on the Australian and European festival circuit, the charismatic Singer, Trombonist and Shellman Dan Barnett will lead his Swingin’ Big Band in a series of concerts in Sao Paolo, Brasilia, Rio, and Belo Horizonte.


Well Here I am in the mighty Brasil - What a vibe - “OBA’. As well as playing several gigs already i have had some opportunity to hear and play with some wonderful local musicians.

I am here touring with a Jazz festival that goes all over the country. My part is as a special guest with the Allstar Jazz band made up of locals Marcelo Costa - Trumpet and is also the festival artistic director, Nick Payton - Reeds who is really a pom but lives here now, Danilo Abreu - Piano, Luciu Gomis -Bass and Bo Hubert - Drums.

The gigs are loads of fun we double bill with Judy Carmichael”s Band so we have all been hanging alot Judy’s band is fantastic made up of some of the best of the New York players Ed Ornowski - Drums,Michael Hashim - Reeds, Jon-Erick Kelso - Trumpet and Judy of course on Piano doing her unique stride thing. She also has two great Tappers that sing as well Richard Schwart and Melissa Giattino.

Highlights have been The gigs where the response has been great, we have received standing ovations everytime, The food oh my God the food is great Taking myself to a different Jazz festival (The Savassi Jazz Festival) in Belo Horizntoe on th first night where I heard some great local guys deep deep groove. I guess with 180 million people in the country you can afford to have 2 Jazz festivals in a week in the same city. It was a huge street party about (15- 20 thousand people) with 3 different stages I got to hear two wonderful big bands. other hilights include sitting in at a Chorinho bar in Belo we were very lucky as Judy had asked me to play at a workshop at the local music school and we met a young Oboe player Clecio who wanted to meet us at the bar here is a link to the website The music was incredible the Cavachino player the owner of the bar and banleader was fantastic we had a great night with our new Brazilian friends.

There are some photo’s in the Gallery!

At the moment I am sitting on a plane flying from Rio to Recife where we work Friday night.

Gotta sleep more updates to come!