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Workin on the web

Well I am slowly getting there learning a new format to build my website. It's had it's challenges but i am starting to enjoy it. My mate Howler is a very clever fella I couldn't do it without him I am more than happy to take on ideas and contructive comment Stuff you like or don't like and anything else you think i might need to add  PS I have never really blogged before so this is interesting step for me. Fun times coming up too Playing tomorrow night with the great George Golla and Peter locke at Lane Cove. This Sunday I willbe at the Unity with my good buddy Howler,Garrold and Brad Child it will be swingin' trust me. Looking forward to seeing all my Tassie mates in a few weeks as well down at 10 days on the island -



Friday, 5 February 2010

Did our first gig last Saturday at the Excelsior sounded unreal.

Onya boys

Hilgy,Cutacross,ML and me after out 1st outing what fun!!!